SelfieShow: The fun photo booth alternative

With SelfieShow, fun at your wedding or party is guaranteed! Your guests can send photos and selfies during the party directly via their smartphone to a screen so everybody can see them.

SelfieShow is much more interactive than a photo booth in a corner of the room! Your guests need no new app or have to register on a website. All guests can take funny photos everywhere and share them with everybody instantly!

Sign up now for free and try out your own personal SelfieShow.

SelfieShow für Hochzeit mit WhatsApp

How does Selfie🤳Show work?

SelfieShow is super easy to use! Just register as a host and set up a projector with a screen or a big TV on site. Connect a laptop or iPad to the projector and off you go!

Your guests can easily join in:

  • 📷 Scan QR code on the screen
  • 🤳 Share selfies and photos via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or the browser
  • 🥳 Have fun and enjoy the photos!

Create and customize photo show

Just sign up on SelfieShow and customize your live photo show to your needs.

Setup a projector or TV

Setup a projector or TV with a laptop or tablet and open your live photo show in the browser.

That's it!

Your guests can directly share their photos live on screen using WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger!

Why is SelfieShow so much better than a photo booth?

  • Your guests can take their photos everywhere and not just in the corner of the room at the photo booth. Dancefloor, garden, during the reception... no limitations!
  • You get many fun and authentic pictures and candid shots from your party, not just the posed photos where everyone looks the same!
  • You guests can use their smartphone apps to edit their photos before sharing them. Bunny ears and filters? Yeah, sure!
SelfieShow as a photo booth alternative
Photo booth alternative SelfieShow
  • The photos appear live on the screen, which is an amazing motivation for the other guests to take more photos!
  • You can easily download all photos later, no need for asking around.
  • It's much cheaper than a photo booth and you don't need to care about renting and returning it.
  • It's much more interesting than a photo booth, since photo booths are always the same and the photos similar.

Use your favorite messenger app!

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Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Browser (Chrome / Edge / Safari)


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For Weddings

Better than a photo booth!

For Companies

Make your Christmas Party fun!

For Bars and Nightclubs

Interactive fun for your guests!

Good to know...

Can I try the whole thing first?
Of course! Just create a free account to try everything out. If you are ready for your big event, just create another SelfieShow!
With how many people does the SelfieShow work?
We have supported events with over 1500 guests, just let us know if you plan something bigger!
Are the photos public on the internet?
No, your photos are completely private. Only you have access to them.
Do my guests need to register somewhere?
No, your guests do not need to install any app or register on our website. They can just use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or the browser to share their photos.
Can I delete photos?
Sure! You get a special access with which you can remove pictures instantly from the screen. On our larger packages we also offer a moderator feature, which lets you (or your DJ) approve each photo first.
Do I need Internet on site?
Yes, in order for the SelfieShow to receive the photos and selfies via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or the mobile website, your guests as well as your laptop or iPad need an internet connection.
Does it work without a QR Code?
Of course, you can also print out the Internet address of your SelfieShow and your personal event PIN and place them on small cards on the tables.

You will find even more answers in our Help & FAQ.

Any questions?

We are happy to help! Just drop us a email or have a look at our Help & FAQ. You can also request a callback via +1-888-760-3024 (US) or +49-711-9688-1518 (Germany), we will give you a call as soon as possible.