Help & FAQ

Here you will find our most frequently asked questions and answers! If something is still unclear, write us briefly an email!

SelfieShow features

What is SelfieShow?
With SelfieShow you can create an interactive live photo show for your event. Your guests can upload pictures to your photo show directly from their cell phones. All they need is WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or the browser on your phone.
What if my guests don't have WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger?
No problem, your guests can also upload their photos directly via the browser.
What is the benefit of SelfieShow with WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger?
We work with WhatsApp and Facebook messenger because they're typically the messaging apps people already have on their phones - so no need to download something new. Sending a picture to your live photo show works just like it does to you personally or the "family chat".
How can my guests get started?
Simply scan the QR code that is shown on the photo show and off you go. In addition, you can also distribute cards or notes with a link to our website as well as your PIN.
What do I need for the photo show?
It's best to use a projector with a screen or a large TV to display the pictures. You can connect a laptop or iPad to it and then open SelfieShow.
Does advertising appear on the site and you want to sell SelfieShow to the guests?
No, with us you are the focus of your event. We do not advertise, show logos and do not annoy your guests. You should just have fun! Of course, we are happy if you recommend us to your guests :)
What happens if someone sends something inappropriate?
No problem, you can delete pictures you don't like on our website. These then disappear from the photo show within seconds. It also works on your cell phone! With our larger packages we additionally offer a moderation view, which allows you to approve or reject each photo in advance. The moderation view works perfectly on a laptop or iPad. For each new picture just click left or right to reject or approve it. This can be easily done by your DJ. Once rejected, the same picture cannot be sent again.
How do I get all the pictures after the event?
You can easily download them all at once!
How long can I download the photos?
We keep all photos for you for three months. Then we delete all photos and information about the participants for your data protection.
Which browsers and devices are supported for presenting the photo show?
You can use any modern PC with Google Chrome or Firefox to present the photo show. Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 should also work, but the animations might not be so smooth. You can also use an iPad with Safari.

Our packages

Can I try it all out before?
Yes, of course! Just register for free. The free package is enough for a small celebration!
What do your packages cost?
In addition to the free package, we offer different packages depending on the size of the event. You can find details on the homepage.
Can I also use SelfieShow for my company party, disco or business?
Of course! Many of our customers are party organizers or discos. You can find these offers under "Commercial Events". Please note that the packages for "private events" are really only designed for weddings and private celebrations.
What payment options are there?
We accept PayPal, credit card or direct debit (in Germany).
Unfortunately, my company can only pay on order and invoice ... is that also possible?
Yes, just register for a free account and write us a short email! However, we can only offer this option to companies.

Manage events

What does it mean to open or close an event?
Our packages have different runtimes. As soon as you "open" an event, your guests can get started. At the end of the runtime or if you close the event yourself, no new pictures can be uploaded.
Can I see if everything works the way I want before "opening"?
Yes! Even if the event is not yet open, you can send up to 20 pictures for testing.
Can I reopen the event after I close it?
Unfortunately, no. After closing, we prepare the photo download for you and clean up. So please only close the event when you are done.

Any questions?

We are happy to help! Just drop us a email or have a look at our Help & FAQ. You can also request a callback via +1-888-760-3024 (US) or +49-711-9688-1518 (Germany), we will give you a call as soon as possible.